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We provide courses with different levels of training and skill. From beginners to professionals there's something for everyone!​

Moderate Skill


Experience the fun and precision of tailwheel flying!

~15 Hours Air
~10 Hours Ground


Experience the thrill of flying on and off the water!

~5 Hours Air
~2 Hours Ground

Our Pilots

My name is Alec Thayer, my journey with aviation started working in the aerial filming and survey industry and eventually led to getting my pilots license in 2018.
Since then I’ve explored every side of aviation that I can find and decided to become an instructor to be able to share this world with everyone else.
Out of the different types of flying I’ve done, both seaplane and tailwheel flying have to be my favorites, simply because they put the “flying” back in flying.
I’m excited to show you just how much fun you can have learning to fly off the beaten path!

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